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Automated Code Enforcement: Long Overdue

Recall the classic television shows that aired in the 1960s and how towns were portrayed to be perfect quaint places where nothing went wrong; minus the occasional boy accidentally breaking a window with a baseball. They painted the picture of what is now considered the American dream. The white picket…

Building Revenue from On-Campus Tickets for Moving Violations

By Chief Downey (Ret.) Annually, college administrators are faced with the challenge of providing quality education at an affordable rate in the face of funding cut-backs and increased costs associated with the delivery of high value services. Should administrators significantly raise tuition and fees? Should they reduce staff and…

ECitations: From Technology Aversion to Full Implementation

Technology in law enforcement exists to simplify and improve the daily responsibilities of Officers. However, to be truly successful, technology must be utilized by every member of a deparment. In The Police Chief Magazine article The Future is Here: Technology in Police Departments, Paul D. Schulz, Chief of Police, Lafayette…