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UPsafety Announces Date and Location of it's 3rd Annual User Conference

Save the Date for United Public Safety's Third Annual User Conference

United Public Safety will be holding its widely popular User Conference on September 25-26, 2019 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Once a year, UPsafety invites current and prospective clients to attend fun, educational and inspirational sessions about the enforcement industry, and facilitates great networking opportunities among peers. Details of this year's event will be available soon, so be sure to check back or watch your email bin.

Mark your calendars today. We look forward to seeing you there!

Jaclyn Daly


UPsafety Welcomes Jaclyn Daly as Client Success Specialist

United Public Safety is proud to announce and welcome Jaclyn Daly as the Company's Client Success Specialist. She will be responsible for ensuring UPsafety clients receive the care the Company is committed to provide.

Jaclyn was formerly a patrol officer in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Digital Forensic and Cyber Investigation. She attended The Montgomery County Municipal Police Academy after earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from West Chester University.

Yardley police to be equipped with handheld ticketing devices

Radnor using e-citation-devices


The Intelligencer

Donations from local businesses paid for e-Citation technology that officials say will keep officers safe and get drivers back on the road more quickly after getting pulled over.

Yardley police Chief Joseph Kelly sat down and calculated approximately how much time his officers would save if they were equipped with digital e-citation software and equipment rather than handwriting each of the 1,200 tickets the department issues during an average year.

Radnor Township Police Use Technology To Speed Up Ticketing Process

Radnor using e-citation-devices


CBS Philly News

RADNOR TOWNSHIP, PA (CBS) — While getting a traffic ticket is hardly enjoyable, the process of issuing one in Radnor Township is getting streamlined.

Gone are the days Radnor Township Police officers have to issue handwritten paper citations, which left room for error and took time to process.

Radnor officers wield new e-citation devices for tickets

Radnor using e-citation-devices


Mainline Media News

Drivers stopped by police in Radnor now get citations almost instantaneously. Radnor is the first municipality in Pennsylvania to use new, handheld e-citation devices made by United Public Safety. While the Radnor police have had devices for parking citations for several years now, these new devices can scan and read drivers’ licenses and owners’ cards along with license tags from both in-state and out-of-state drivers.

United Public Safety Announces the First PA 3 Inch Traffic Citation Issued on the Innovative N5SCAN Mobile Computer

traffic citation with UPsafety N5SCAN device


According to company President Joan Young, “We have several PD’s that are currently using our 4 inch e-citation format in vehicle that will now use the N5Scan mobile computer to issue 3 inch citations from motorcycles, bikes and on foot. We knew there had to be a better way to issue a citation than printing and handing three full sheets of paper to a citizen; so we built it, with our most robust user interface and feature set to date.”

That's the ticket: United Public Safety and Microsoft Azure


From its inception in 2012, Microsoft CityNext partner United Public Safety has delivered a simple yet powerful plea to municipal government: stop handwriting parking tickets, buying servers and paying expensive consultants. Instead, reduce costs, create efficiencies, increase employee productivity and gain visibility into your department with UPsafety's Azure-powered parking enforcement solution...

Bringing 21st Century Technology to York Beach, Maine


The 21st century is coming to York Beach, Maine this summer, with the help of United Public Safety.

The town, from Long Sands Beach to downtown York Beach, has purchased multiple handheld parking ticket devices from UPsafety as a cost-effective solution for replacing their “end of life-cycle” parking enforcement systems. Visitors will have an easy-to-use, fully modernized parking payment solution, as well.

For most of the area, the old-fashioned parking meters are going away. In their place, new parking kiosks that accept credit cards or cash at any station, and have free pay-by-app capability, will emerge. The town contracted with the German-based company Hectronic – an UPsafety partner – to supply 20 parking kiosks, and they are due to arrive in York soon.

With the new kiosks, parking officers can extract meter information from the Cloud to see how much time remains.

Why SureLock?


SureLock turns your ticket writer into a virtual vault. It is an app that replaces the default Home Screen or Launcher and restricts user access to one or more allowed applications.

Are you worried about unwanted misuse of your company owned ticket writers? Device misuse can impact user productivity, increase device maintenance costs and cause other problems such as an increase in mobile data usage etc.

SureLock can be used to lockdown your ticket writers and restrict access to only selected applications and device features. Games such as Angry Birds, social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, System settings, or any other applications can be completely hidden from the user.

SureLock achieves perfect lockdown on your ticket writers and it does not require root access. SureLock allows you to implement enhanced security and access control on your devices.

Security is a top priority at UPsafety. Our number one objective is to give our customers the most reliable hardware and software in our industry. SureLock can be pre-installed or added to your current devices as you wish.

For more information and current pricing call sales at 215.394.1906.

San Antonio Facing Parking Dilemma

Residents of downtown San Antonio, TX are pushing to create a parking plan that stops visitors from blocking their driveways during peak times. Parking enforcement is effective in their business corridor, but lacking on side streets where residents have resorted to creating homemade signs to discourage illegal parking. Our ToCite solution is streamlined enforcement management. ToCite features iPermit which allows customized parking permits to be registered to individual streets. A non-permitted vehicle can be identified instantly and towed with ToCite's Boot & Tow feature which allows enforcement officers to notify nearby companies of a vehicle requiring service. One day permits registered to specified streets or parking lots can be issued for the different events that occur in the area. Call us. We can help! …