Clarity & ease for your campus operations.

A solution tailored to meet the needs of colleges and universities across the nation.

At United Public Safety, we know that small campuses face many of the same challenges as large ones, and that parking enforcement, permit management, and student conduct compliance matter.

UCite is a real-time mobile parking enforcement solution used for the processing and analysis of citation, permit and integrated app activity. This includes a fully branded and customized Patron Portal for self-service virtual permit management, citation management, Parking FAQs and more.

UCite works in real-time to ensure that updates in any one facet propagate to the others immediately. This includes virtual permits being available for sale through the Patron Portal from the moment they are created by University Administrators; that same permit being enforced by handheld or vehicle mounted ALPR from the moment the permit is sold, and for an officer on the street to be guided to chalks generated by an ALPR car, or another officer, minutes before they expire.

The UCite solution:

  • Streamlines and removes manual tracking of the ticketing process
  • Eliminates transcription errors and the need for data entry caused by hand writing tickets
  • Promotes clarity in your operations by allowing managers to see custom reporting metrics in real-time and track productivity of enforcement personnel
  • Creates a secure online portal for management of all parking related inquiries, including purchasing & renewing permits, paying tickets, advanced disputes, and FAQs about campus parking regulations
  • Interfaces with ERP Software Systems, including Banner®, through unique data export functionality
  • Supports student authentication, via L-Dap, INCOMMON, Shibboleth, and CAS

UCite Integrations

UCite Integration Partners

The UCite Patron Portal

UCite’s integrated E-Commerce site automates processes within your operation and adds true value for students and faculty who interact with it.

Student Paying for Permit Student Paying for Ticket
UCite Patron Portal

The Patron Portal’s two-factor login allows comprehensive self-service permit management including

  • The ability to add, modify and remove vehicles
  • Recurrently renew permits through a tokenized credit card
  • View the history and disposition of all disputes, hearing dates and outstanding citations
  • The ability for University administrators to modify the site for alerts and updates at any time

UCiteTM Mobile Enforcement Software Features

citycite issue screen

UPsafety's intuitive software is loaded with features designed to allow your officers to issue any ticket accurately and efficiently, all in 20 seconds or less.

Easy-to-navigate auto-fill screens take you step-by-step through the ticketing proces, aiding officers in their duties every step of the way, with features like:


Snap-and-Go tire chalking


Real-time integration with permit purchases and renewals


Meter and Kiosk integrations for smarter, targeted enforcement


Just snap the plate and check for permits, chalks, scofflaw, meter violations and more

…and much more.

UCite is well thought out technology, and … a majority of the officers have taken to it quite readily.

United Public Safety has been our one-stop solution for managing parking enforcement, citations and parking permits in our very busy town. They provide a level of customer service that all companies should aspire to.

I cannot say enough about your product, your customer service and especially the way you have worked with us to customize things to meet our specific needs.

It’s also a huge time saver for the office staff because the permit applications are completed online. Each student previously had to come in and fill out a form. But with the solution, this process can be handled conveniently online.

I feel very fortunate to have found the UPsafety solution. We looked at a number of other options but this one met our needs and is a cost effective solution. I’m very glad we found it.

Dennis McCauley
Security and Safety Director
Bucks County Community College