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At United Public Safety, we know e-ticketing inside and out. We know that existing electronic ticketing and e-Citation solutions do not meet our standards for efficiency and affordability. So how could they meet yours?

After years of research, we set out on a mission to increase efficiency through every step of the parking and violation ticketing processes by correctly applying advanced technology with decades of user experience. We concluded that the days of paying per-ticket fees are over--it is a change that, in our humble opinion, is long overdue. Gone too is paying for a laundry list of services that, frankly, you don't need nor want.

Our team has spent hundreds of hours creating software to improve the electronic citation, parking ticket, permit issuance, and code enforcement processes by getting to the core of what enforcement professionals and parking decision-makers are asking for: an efficient and cost effective parking, e-Citation, permitting, and code enforcement solution with cloud-based software system management, all from a customer-centric provider.

If these are the progressive features for which you've been searching, then UPsafety is ready to be your provider. Let us introduce you to a new generation of ticketing and e-citation solutions brought to you by a team of professionals who is ready to listen to your needs and provide solutions that exceed your expectations 24/7/365.

ToCite® Parking Management

ToCite® Mobile and ToCite Cloud: All-in-one Handheld Hardware & Software Ticketing Solution for Parking Enforcement and Permit Management

CityCite® Expanded Enforcement

CityCite Mobile Parking Enforcement software is combining the functionality of ToCite with iMeter pay-to-park and kiosk connectivity

ForCite® Electronic Citations

ForCite® Mobile and ForCite Cloud: Mobile Hardware and Software Solution for Law Enforcement

CodeCiteTM Code Enforcement

CodeCite Mobile and CodeCite Cloud: Mobile Enforcement Solution for Code Violations