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ForCommerce, the ToCite e-Commerce offering from UPSafety, is truly the quickest and easiest path to expedited revenue return on University, High School, Corporate and Municipal Parking Tickets and Permits. UPsafety has created a highly secure and customized infrastructure for ease of use and streamlined collection. The site is easy for patrons to use and easy to manage.

  • Customized e-Commerce web pages

    Make the site look and feel like your organization's web site. Add your logo, your contact information, disclaimers, instructions, etc.

  • Fast and easy connection to your web site

    We provide a URL that you will specify in a hyperlink on your web site. When a patron clicks on the link, they are redirected to the e-Commerce page, almost invisibly. We can even supply the graphic for the hyperlink which will further minimize the work that is required of you. Again, fast and easy!

  • Parking Tickets

    Allows for payment of tickets as well as ticket disputes. Site patrons can clearly access their ticket(s) by entering either the ticket number or their license plate number. The patron has the added ability to pay for multiple tickets at the same time. When a ticket is paid online, the patron can print a copy of the receipt for their records. The ticket is marked as "closed and paid" instantly in your cloud back office requiring no additional administrator action.

  • Permits

    Allows for the payment of permits. Patrons can acquire a permit online and can print out temporary permits after payment. The patron can also print a copy of the transaction receipt for their records.

  • Real Time Back Office Integration

    When tickets or permits are paid online, they are immediately updated into your back office.

  • Safe and Secure payments

    All credit card information is validated and verified through our PCI-DSS compliant gateway. All payment information is handled on a secure, encrypted data tunnel that meets and exceeds federal security standards. Payments received through the e-Commerce site are remitted to you via direct ACH bank transfer on a daily basis or via check when a balance of $100 is reached. Questions? Contact us today at 215.394.1906

Ticket Payment and Dispute: Screen by Screen
eCommerce Ticket Payment Image

Patrons can search by ticket number or by license number to view other tickets that may be unpaid.

eCommerce Ticket Detail Image

Patrons can then choose to dispute, download a copy of the ticket, or pay the ticket immediately. Violation images (if available) can be displayed full screen.