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What Are The Pros and Cons?

We receive many questions pertaining to ticket paper and thought we would address the most common requests we receive. Thermal paper, often used for retail receipts, is not the paper we recommend for use with our printers. Thermal paper is fine for store receipts, but not the best for parking tickets. Thermal paper is less expensive and readily available, however, thermal paper leaves lint residue on the printer head of all printers and if not cleaned routinely, can lead to printer shutdown/malfunction. United Public Safety recommends the use of polyvinyl paper within our solution. Polyvinyl paper is, just as its name implies, coated with a vinyl, creating a waterproof and non-tear substrate. Also note, thermal paper cannot be left outside in inclement weather as it will disintegrate. No envelopes are required with polyvinyl paper. Unprinted Polyvinyl paper makes for a longer ticket as the printer on the front side of the ticket real-time prints all header, Terms and Conditions as well as payment instructions. Assume 60-70 tickets per roll and about .04 to 06 cents per ticket. It is easy to alter information on unprinted paper if addresses or other information changes. Polyvinyl paper is stocked by us and can ship the same day it is ordered. We stock White and Yellow Polyvinyl paper and other colors can be ordered (minimums apply). Standard tickets are between 6 and 8 inches depending on the information that is collected and whether a photo is printed.

Preprinted Polyvinyl tickets are a more expensive ticket option. You can assume between .10 and .17 cents per ticket (depending on quantity ordered) and minimum orders apply. Preprinted paper will expedite the ticket issuance process as much of the standard information is already preprinted. With a violation photo, assume a minimum 6-inch ticket. This can be shortened if information is preprinted on the back of the ticket. Preprinted tickets can also be in color and contain information such as maps, coupons and logos. We do not stock custom paper and typically annual usage is calculated to assure a ready supply.

The options, as seen above, are for custom printed ticket paper (left) and our standard ticket (right). Custom has many variables and options, including reverse-side printing, color logos, etc. We have even printed a location map on the reverse side! We are always happy to answer questions pertaining to paper. Just ask!

    1. Print your logo on every ticket
    2. Multiple Notification Letters

Send support@upsafety a pdf of your municipal logo and we will upload your logo to print on all tickets.


Oh, Barnacle! Windshield Blocker
Gives the Parking Boot.... The Boot!

There's a new enforcement tool for parking scofflaws in Allentown, PA to worry about! This new to-go device immobilizes automobiles and replaces the nearly 75 year old device we all know, the metal parking boot. They call it The Barnacle... And rightly so, with the use of a portable pump, It attaches by suction cups onto the windshield and blocks the driver's-side window with 750 pounds of force! It also has an alarm system that sounds if a driver tries to leave the scene or tampers with the device itself.

Overall, it is safer for enforcers to put in place, lighter, faster, and most importantly.. easier! It weighs signifigantly less, about 20 pounds, and folds up easily when approved for removal. Violators can call a number or go online to pay the ticket. Once that is completed, The Barnacle releases and can be easily stored in a trunk of a vehicle and returned to the authorized location printed on it. Law enforcers will no longer have to knee for a long period of time, like they do installing the metal boot, and they will not have to stand dangerously in a roadway while installing this device.

V-Charge: Driverless Parking of the Future

Read more about this device here
Philly Business



A combined hand strap and over the shoulder strap that allows your device to be easily viewed and operated securely with improved flexibility.

The Flex Strap allows you to use your device at a moments notice while preventing loss and damage from dropping the unit. Attaching to your device just as the standard hand strap does, the Flex Strap offers a safe and secure way to carry and hold any of our devices with minimal effort. The adjustable, all-weather nylon strap has a break-away safety feature built in at the shoulder and adjustable pad to maintain comfort and stability as you carry the N5Scan device. The N5 Flex Strap offers a safe and secure way to carry and hold any of our devices with minimal effort.

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