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Creating Custom Permit Decals

With UPsafety, you have many options when it comes to selecting the appearance of your permit. Located on our upsafety.net website is an interactive gallery of permit samples showing some of the 26 standard background colors. Additionally, these samples display the size and locations for both the Code 39 barcode as well as your logo and/or permit text.

Barcodes can only be printed in black with a white background. For those customers looking to purchase hang tags, UPsafety will be happy to discuss the color and size options available.

The Benefits of using iPermit:

  • Fully customizable permit products including hang tags and decals
  • Issue/sell permits and collect payment from walk up kiosk/counter or online
  • Pre-define purchase and issuance parameters (who/what/when)
  • Ability to print temporary (on event/day) permits
  • Upload pre-existing data to iPermit and manage it in the ToCite Cloud Software
  • Full integration between iPermit and ToCite alerts officers to vehicles or individuals holding valid permits and pre-existing data

Please read the Permit and Hangtag Specification sheets below to see guidelines and color options.

Click here to view Permit Specifications.            Click here to view Hang tag Specifications.

To ask questions, discuss your permit options, or to order permits:
Contact UPsafety at 215-394-1906 or sales@upsafety.net.

>>>Download the iPERMIT Spec Sheet PDF<<<


It's that crucial time of year when food donations really go the extra mile. Non-perishable food donations help not only those struggling to make ends meet or find a balanced meal but as it turns out, parking violators too.

Colorado State University's Parking and Transportation Services is now giving their students a chance to let karma intervene by giving back to their community.

Students can give food or cash donations in exchange for a $5 discount on their minor parking citations. Check out the full story here

What Are The Pros and Cons?

When we say plain we are referring to unprinted polyvinyl and not thermal paper. Thermal paper is fine for store receipts but not the best for parking tickets. Thermal paper is less expensive and readily available, however, not recommended by us for use in our printers. Thermal paper leaves lint residue on the printer head of all printers and if not cleaned can lead to printer shutdown/malfunction. Also note, thermal paper cannot be left outside in inclement weather as it will disintegrate. No envelopes are required with polyvinyl paper.

United Public Safety recommends the use of polyvinyl paper within our solution. Plain white Polyvinyl paper unprinted makes for a longer ticket as Terms and Conditions as well as payment instructions are all printed by the printer on the front side of the ticket. Assume 60-70 tickets per roll and about .04 to 06 cents per ticket. It is easy to change information on unprinted paper. Polyvinyl paper is stocked by us and can ship the same day it is ordered. We stock White and Yellow Polyvinyl paper and other colors can be ordered (minimums apply). Standard tickets are between 6 and 8 inches depending on the information that is collected.

Preprinted Polyvinyl tickets are more expensive, assume between .10 and .17 cents per ticket and minimum orders apply.  Preprinted paper can shorten the ticket issuance process as much of the standard information is already preprinted.  We do not stock custom paper.

Preprinted paper does expedite the printing process because the header and footer is preprinted. With a violation photo assume a minimum 6 inch ticket. This can be shortened if information is preprinted on the back of the ticket. Preprinted tickets can also be in color.

The options, as seen above, are for custom printed ticket paper (left) and our standard ticket (right). Custom has many variables and options, including reverse-side printing, color logos, etc. We have even printed a location map on the reverse side! We are always happy to answer questions pertaining to paper. Just ask!

New Features Available December 1st

Send support@upsafety a pdf of your municipal logo and we will upload your logo to print on all tickets. Multiple Notification Letters.


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Administrators and Students Come Together to Discuss Campus Parking

Grand Valley State University decided the best way to receive feedback on their current parking situation was to go straight to their students. Chief Renee Freeman held a parking focus group with members of the student senate.  Students took the opportunity to express concerns, ask questions, and offer suggestions for the future of GVSU parking. Topics included potentially adding a parking garage, unpaid fines affecting graduating seniors, adding bus stops, and the creation of a ride share program. The open dialogue left both sides feeling accomplished. - Read More Online

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“The whole purpose of the fine process is not to penalize.  It really is to encourage people to follow the rules. (We) tried so hard this year especially to educate about all the changes and help people understand you have to be responsible when you’re parking on campus.”
-Chief Renee Freeman


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