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Mobile Enforcement for Conduct Violations and Room Inspections

What are the biggest student conduct issues impacting your campus? The most common on-campus violations can span from nuisance (noise, littering) to the more serious (underage drinking, disorderly conduct). The question is, what is the best solution for handling such “quality of life” infractions?

Every school has implemented rules of student conduct as a way to uphold the integrity and safety of campus life while also maintaining a positive relationship with the surrounding community. And yes, it falls on the shoulders of your public safety team to deal with violations and compliance.

Public safety officers are the first responders for nearly all on-campus incidents. It's their job to quickly evaluate the situation, diffuse any problems, restore safety, and then document the incident. Because so much of their work involves swift reactions and careful reporting, officers require the right mobile tools with features like real-time data to handle their responsibilities.

United Public Safety’s CodeCite Mobile Enforcement Solution provides safety officers with the ability to document any student infraction and issue an on-the-spot warning ticket to offenders. From loud music and littering to citing underage drinkers, the CodeCite mobile solution can enforce it all.

How does mobile enforcement work?
Using fully customizable violation fields, colleges and universities have complete control over what quality of life infractions they choose to enforce. Simply enter the location or student's name, input incident information, capture evidence images (if applicable), upload violation data, and issue an on-the-spot disciplinary warning. Because all of the data is uploaded instantly into the backoffice, the incident report can be ready for immediate disciplinary review by the school.

The solution also notifies enforcement officers of repeat offenders which is especially useful in instances where violations reoccur within a short time of each other. Having this instant data at their fingertips, officers can immediately proceed with further intervention and disciplinary actions as set forth by campus regulations.

Mobile enforcement for room inspections?
Beyond active conduct enforcement, the same solution also allows campuses to efficiently inspect dorm rooms for student damage at move out. Simply input the room number and inspection information, capture violation images, and upload immediately into the backoffice to review and apply fines against a student’s record. With CodeCite mobile enforcement, the process really is that easy.

To learn more about the features and benefits of this advanced mobile enforcement solution, contact us with questions or set up a FREE informational webinar today. From the dorms to the commons, UPsafety will deliver improved quality of life for your students and your school.



Have Your Parking Solution Installed by Fall

Though Spring hasn't quite sprung, it's not too early to think about the Fall semester. Is your parking and permitting solution ready to handle another year? If that question causes you to pause, don't worry. There's still plenty of time to get the help you require!

Let us introduce you to the ToCite parking and permitting enforcement solution. ToCite is an efficient and complete mobile handheld parking enforcement software and permit management system. With ToCite, colleges and universities can implement and enforce any parking rules they create. The benefits of the UPsafety solution extend beyond an efficient installation and hands-on training. ToCite also:

  • supports student authentication via LDap, INCOMMON, Shibboleth, & CAS
  • exports ticket data into your own records management system
  • allows for the creation of customizable permit reports
  • eliminates the need for handwritten ticket transcription
  • enables students to pay for tickets and permits online
  • runs on ultra-rugged mobile handheld devices with instant data uploads
  • offers Boot & Tow compatibility
  • pays for itself with just a dozen tickets per month

It's certainly not too late! During the brief window of summer, United Public Safety will have your solution installed before the first student arrives in the Fall. UPsafety has handled many successful summer installs on campuses across the country. Allowing us to transform your parking enforcement process enables you to focus on other aspects of fall semester planning. Start your education with a FREE informational webinar today!

Best Schools for Parking -- Who made the list?

New for 2016, Niche.com has released a list ranking the Best College Parking. The results are compiled from a survey of 80,000 students writing 375,000 student opinions of 1,197 colleges on these factors: parking availability, parking locations, and parking costs.

The Top 10:

 1. Whitman College
     Walla Walla, WA
 2. Davenport University
     Grand Rapids, MI
 3. Athens State University
     Athens, AL
 4. Northwest Nazarene University
      Nampa, ID
 5. Western State Colorado University
     Gunnison, CO
 6. Alverno College
     Milwaukee, WI
 7. Brandman University
     Irvine, CA
 8. California Baptist University
     Riverside, CA
 9. Oklahoma Christian University
     Edmond, OK
10. Beloit College
     Beloit, WI

To read the full parking list, click here.

Did your school make the top 10? The top 100? If your campus isn't ranked as high as you'd prefer, sign up for our FREE webinar to learn how you can improve parking and permitting by the start of the fall semester!


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