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SaaS Sales Director – Western Region

Job Description

While we have a good presence and sales force on the East Coast, we are struggling to expand our business as quickly in the West. As a Sales Director for the Western Region, you will work to ensure our business growth is not limited by our headquarter's location.

We are seeking a business professional that has the acumen to identify the critical next steps within a market to promote market presence and sales growth. If the features we are developing are not suiting your most promising leads, talk to us. If our marketing is not tailored enough to the needs of California prospects, inform us immediately. Our goal, with your help, is to mold our trajectory in to one that wins business.

To be very clear our goal is not to hire a sales-person; it is to hire a trusted arm to our management team to ensure that product development, sales efforts and marketing efforts coalesce to create one thing: a thriving second arm for our business.

For the candidate that feels they have outgrown being actively managed, and knows they have the drive and skill to influence and create a market, this is a fantastic opportunity to grow a business, and be compensated commensurately on annual operations; not singular sales.

DUTIES & Responsibilities

However, this belies the more general nature of the position. We are not looking for a salesman; we are looking for a financially motivated professional who is ready and capable to run their own West Coast division of a thriving SaaS firm.

Company profile

United Public Safety

United Public Safety ( is a leading provider of enforcement and records management solutions to modern governments. We are committed to the idea that government technology doesn’t have to be outdated, software doesn’t have to be complex to be smart, and that small teams can do big things. Our goal is to bring governments into the modern age by making cutting edge technology accessible to even the smallest departments. As a SaaS company, our people are truly our greatest asset, and we work daily with the mindset that our employees’ individual achievements and personal growth are the backbone of our success.