N4 is the definition of ultra-rugged. The videos below prove the N4 is the best at handling the worst.

New Brunswick and the HANDGEAR

UPsafety visits the New Brunswick Parking Authority to talk about how our handheld parking ticket equipment has made the ticketing process more efficient every step of the way.

Watch them below or click here!

ToCite Parking Enforcement on the N5Print!

How long does it take to enter information, capture a violation image, upload data, and print a ticket? The unprecedented N5Print makes the ToCite parking enforcement process simple and user-friendly. Watch the video to find out!

Electronic Tire Chalking on the N5Print!

With iChalk, you can electronically chalk, enter violation data, and print a ticket all from the same unprecedented N5Print. Watch the video for a full demonstration!

Seasons Greetings

Issue a ticket on the N4 in under 30 seconds!

When it comes to issuing a ticket, you have choices. Using the ultra-rugged N4, you can enter the violation information using the touchscreen or you can simply speak the information directly into the ToCite software. Either way, you're 30 seconds from a printed ticket.

iChalk just got easier

iChalk a vehicle using our Valve Stem Position screen and sort locations to find vehicles that are in violation or soon to be in violation. Chalking has never been easier.

The N4 wishes you a very Happy Halloween

Pumpkin carving with just a knife and... the N4? You'll go out of your gourd when you watch this video!

The UPsafety Ticket

UPsafety's polyvinyl ticket proves that paper tickets are still useful for one thing: confetti.

The N4: Your Newest Enforcement Member

Parking and permitting has never been easier. With the ultra-rugged N4, your team can enter data, capture violation images, and issue tickets in all weather conditions.

The UPsafety Parking Ticket vs Traditional Paper Tickets

UPsafety polyvinyl thermal printed tickets can withstand rain, ice, snow and desert heat without fading or disintegrating. Watch it on youtube.com HERE

The UPsafety Parking Ticket

Follow the UPsafety parking enforcement management process from ticket issuance to payment. Discover why the UPsafety photo-on-ticket feature is an asset to patrons and administrators. Watch it on youtube.com HERE