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Comprised of a core group of individuals with backgrounds in software programming, hardware development, customer service and support, law enforcement, solution development, sales, and marketing, UPsafety’s team brings decades of collective experience into our solution. The unification of these skill sets empower us to work synergistically to provide our clients with the most innovative, efficient, and complete public safety products available. The UPsafety team is enthusiastically dedicated to serving the needs of every single client.

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How we got here
At UPsafety, we are not a proponent of the “this is how we’ve always done it” method. We knew there had to be a simpler solution to handwritten tickets, manual ticket entry, chalking on bended knee, issuing permits, as well as the antique table weight commonly referred to as the “dedicated server.”
We started by interviewing public safety officers in municipalities, on campuses, apartment complexes, hospitals, and in high schools. We observed the traditional, time-consuming procedure for capturing ticket data and reviewed the methods for processing and collecting fines. As a result, our study uncovered unjustifiable redundancies throughout the entire process.
Taking all that we discovered, our highly skilled team developed leading-edge technology to vastly improve the processes, costs, and efficiencies of commercially available solutions. Within days of installation, customers began to experience these benefits firsthand. Ticket processing that took hours to complete is now handled instantaneously in the cloud. Disputes are virtually erased and collections are streamlined. Customized reporting is done with the click of a mouse.
Despite these impressive achievements, we haven’t stopped innovating. Our team continues to listen to customer feedback to expose new areas for process efficiencies. It is our partnership with our customers that granted us the success we have today.
At UPsafety, we are on a mission to remain the best parking, code enforcement, permitting, and e-citation solution available.