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UPsafety parking ticket

Printing a violation photo on the ticket really works! We wanted to share a success story from one of our many customers. Having photos on the ticket eliminates disputes resulting in more customers paying their fines.

Bethlehem Parking Authority revenue on the rise even though tickets are down

By By Lynn Olanoff | The Express-Times

The Bethlehem Parking Authority made more money last year but it wasn't because of parking tickets.

The authority increased its earnings by $213,990 from 2013 to 2014 despite ticket revenue dropping $152,927, authority records show.

"The fallacy we're making money on ticketing isn't true – we make money by people paying," authority board Chairman Joe Hoffmeier said at Wednesday's board meeting.

The authority in 2014 saw its biggest gains in off-street and special events parking. Off-street parking, which includes the authority's garages and lots, was up $188,121 from 2013 to 2014. Special event parking, chiefly for Musikfest and Celtic Classic, was up $70,142.

Meter revenue also increased $62,865.

"The numbers are great," authority Executive Director Kevin Livingston said at Wednesday's meeting.

"And the sources are great," Hoffmeier added.

The authority is pushing for a parking ticket increase to get more people to comply with the city's parking laws. Members say the current $10 rates are too low of a deterrent and they've proposed an increase to $25 for most tickets. Bethlehem City Council sets parking ticket rates and is expected to discuss the increase at a Tuesday committee hearing.

The parking authority in 2014 earned $4.76 million and spent $4.1 million, for a gross of $664,265. The 2014 gross was a $213,990 improvement over 2013, when the authority brought in $4.56 million and spent $4.1 million.

The parking authority each year gives the city $525,000, which cuts into its revenue. After the city contribution, the authority grossed $139,264 in 2014 and lost $74,725 in 2013.

Ticket revenues were partially down in 2014 because the authority was short staffed on parking enforcement officers at times, Livingston said. The authority's 2015 budget includes an extra parking enforcement officer.

Special events parking revenue increased because the authority increased garage rates for both Musikfest and Celtic Classic from $5 to $10 from 2013 to 2014.

The second biggest increase from 2013 to 2014 was hourly parking in the Walnut Street garage, an increase of $68,399.

The authority in 2014 decreased the number of monthly permits it issued for the 777-space garage from 850 to 777, Livingston said. That both allowed for more hourly parking – which is good for merchants – and caused fewer complaints from permit holders during Musikfest, Livingston said.

The parking authority in 2012 increased meter rates from 50 cents to $1 an hour while dropping garage rates from $1 to 75 cents an hour with the hope of increasing garage use.

The United Public Safety team would like to thank everyone who met with us at the Rhode Island League of Cities yesterday. It was a pleasure speaking with so many new people. We enjoyed demonstrating and answering questions about our ToCite parking and permitting solution.

The UPsafety team would like to thank the Onondaga County Chief's Association for their hospitality in Fayetteville. We enjoyed meeting the Chiefs and appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate our ToCite solution.

We are pleased to announce that we have signed up for 2 new trade shows in the spring! Our team will be attending the NJ CUPSA & IACLEA show in March to demonstrate our campus parking solution and the PA State Association of Township Supervisors in April to show our municipal parking solution. As you can see, the list to the right is filling up quickly, and we hope to expand the list even further in the coming weeks. Keep checking this page to find out if we're attending a show near you!

Happy New Year! 2014 was an excellent year for us, and we expect even more for 2015 as we plan new trade shows, introduce new products, and welcome new customers. Thank you for being a part of UPsafety as we start another incredible year!

SPECIAL NOTE: The United Public Safety offices will be closed from December 22 to January 5 for the holiday season. However, our excellent customer support will continue without interruption during this period. The entire UPsafety teams wishes you a very happy and safe holiday season!

Cloud Awards

United Public Safety Shortlisted for 2014-15 Cloud Awards Program

HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA, December 18, 2014 – United Public Safety has been shortlisted in the 2014-2015 Cloud Awards Program in the categories Best Business Intelligence or Analytics Solution & Most Innovative Use of “Big Data” in the Cloud.

With awards for excellence and innovation in cloud computing, the cloud computing awards program accepts entries from across the entire globe, including the US, Canada, Australasia and EMEA. Now in its fourth year, entries are accepted from organizations of any size, and include start-ups and government bodies.

United Public Safety’s Executive Vice President Joan Young said: “In light of the competition, it’s an honor for UPsafety to be shortlisted in two categories of the 2014-15 Cloud Awards. Our team has spent a substantial amount of effort perfecting our parking and permitting solution, and we are proud to receive this recognition.”

Cloud Awards organizer Larry Johnson said: “The standard of entries to this year’s program has been truly staggering – so much so that even after culling hundreds of organizations from our consideration, our shortlist is still longer than ever before. “We’ve been very impressed with how the Cloud ecosystem has evolved by the end of 2014 and these best-of-breed organizations are knocking it out of the park in terms of performance. These technologies aren’t going away: leverage them now or ignore them at your peril.

“As ever, the US organizations have dominated the submissions process, but we’re seeing more and more applicants from farther afield – Europe, the UK, Australia, Asia – we’re running the biggest and best celebration of excellence in the Cloud and the whole world wants to join the party.

“When the dust has settled on what promises to be the most diverse and dynamic field of candidates yet, nobody knows what the 2015-16 Cloud Awards program will bring next year aside from continued excellence.”

Over 300 organizations entered, with entries coming from across the globe, covering the Americas, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Final winners will be announced on Tuesday 27 January 2015. This will not be the end of the process, with a public vote announced on this date to decide who will win the Cloud Computing Organization of the Year Award.


In technology, change is the only constant. And for companies, there are only two options: evolve or become obsolete. Software and hardware improvements are often driven by customer demands. And parking is no different. Technological advancements continue to revolutionize the parking and permitting industry.

For decades, the parking industry languished under the misguided notion that pen and paper was the best method for issuing violations. However, in just a few short years, modern ticket writing has been fundamentally transformed through the precise application of proven technology.


The UPsafety team would like to thank the Allegheny County Chief's Association for their hospitality yesterday. We appreciate having the opportunity to meet the Chiefs and demonstrating our AOPC approved e-Citation solution.

Great news! Our Q4 Hospital Edition of the UPsafety Newsletter has been released! The features include an article on hospital challenges of finding "Your Parking Remedy," a special feature on iCHALK Electronic Tire Chalking, and a brand new Guess the Garage photo contest! Entries must be received before 12/12. Be sure to check out these excellent articles and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have at sales@upsafety.net

United Public Safety wishes you a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Our office will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the holiday. However, our customer support team will still be available!

The UPsafety team would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at the NJ League of Municipalities in Atlantic City. We demonstrated both our Parking and Permitting solution as well as our ForCite eTicketing system which is approved by the NJ courts!

Our thanks goes out to the Police Chiefs Association of Montgomery County for welcoming us into their meeting yesterday. We enjoyed speaking with all of the Chiefs in attendance and demonstrating our e-Citation solution.

UPsafety would like to announce the winner of the Q4 Campus "Guess the Garage" photo contest. Congratulations to Donald A. Clark, Director of the Department of Safety and Transportation at Missouri State University! The garage in the photo is the Ohio State University Parking Garage.

UPsafety was honored to be a guest presenter at the Dauphin County Chiefs of Police Association on Wednesday. We would like to offer our thanks to everyone in attendance. We truly enjoyed speaking with you about our e-Citation solution.

The UPsafety team would like to thank the Western PA Chief's Association for their hospitality in Pittsburgh. We appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate our AOPC approved e-Citation solution to the Chiefs.

UPsafety thanks all of the visitors to our table at the Parking Association of the Virginias. It was our first time in Roseland, Virginia, and it was an amazing experience! We appreciate the level of interest shown in our Parking and Permitting solution and look forward to next year.

The Q4 Campus Edition of the UPsafety Newsletter is now available! The features include an article on "Goldilocks and Demand-based Parking," a Case Study on Bucks County Community College, a special feature on iCHALK Electronic Tire Chalking, and a brand new Guess the Garage photo contest! Be sure to check out these excellent articles and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have: at sales@upsafety.net

The new UPsafety Q4 Newsletter-Municipal Edition is now live! This quarter's features include an article on how to stop "Leaving Revenue on the Street," a Case Study on Oxford, MS, a special feature on iCHALK Electronic Tire Chalking, and a brand new Guess the Garage photo contest! Be sure to check out these excellent articles and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have: at sales@upsafety.net

The winner of our "Guess Enter Eat" photo contest at IACP has been selected. Many people correctly guessed that the building was featured in CSI:Miami. From those entries, UPsafety proudly announces that the winner of the $100 Open Table gift certificate is Chief Tim Lentz of Covington, Louisiana. On behalf of the entire UPsafety team, we hope you enjoy a wonderful dinner on us. Thank you to everyone who entered and congratulations to Chief Lentz!

UPsafety would like to thank everyone who spoke with us at the IACP 2014 show in Orlando. The turnout was tremendous! We are very pleased with the level of interest in our Parking and Permitting solution. Our team truly appreciates the attendees and the questions they asked during the demonstrations. For those who entered the Guess the Photo contest, the winner will be announced and contacted by Friday.

The UPsafety team offers our sincerest thanks to the Northeast County Chief's Association for allowing us to attend their dinner meeting. We had a wonderful evening meeting with the Chiefs and demonstrating our AOPC approved e-Citation solution.

The UPsafety team extends our thanks to the Bucks County Chief's Association for their hospitality. We had an excellent time meeting, speaking with, and demonstrating our e-Citation solution to the Chiefs.

Two shows, twice the success! We appreciate the support of everyone who visited us at the Ohio Municipal League and NY State Parking Association shows! We met a lot of wonderful people and answered excellent questions during our solution demonstrations. Thank you to everyone who attended!

The UPsafety team would like to thank all of the attendees who spoke with us at the PA Parking Association expo in Lancaster. We never tire of meeting new people and greeting those we know. This week, we will presenting at not one, but TWO conferences. We will be at the Ohio Municipal League in Columbus as well as the NY State Parking Association in Ellenville, NY. Two shows means there's twice the opportunity to come meet us. We hope to see you there!

The UPsafety team would like to thank the Connecticut Police Chief's Association for putting on an excellent Fall Meeting. It was a pleasure speaking to all of the attendees. In fact, we had such a good experience that we are proud to announce that we will be attending Expo next spring!

CT Police Chiefs

Great news! The new edition of the UPsafety Campus newsletter is now available! Our feature article outlines proper campus parking expansion assessment. We also have included a case study on a college as well as some interesting facts relating to campus parking. Oh, and don't forget our Guess the Garage photo contest--the deadline for entries is 9/25! Check out these excellent articles and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have: sales@upsafety.net

The new UPsafety Newsletter-Hospital Edition is now live! This quarter features Parking and a Healthier You, a Case Study on Lewisgale Medical Center, Hospital parking factoids, and a Guess the Garage photo contest. Check out these excellent articles and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have at sales@upsafety.net

The UPsafety team would like to thank the South East PA Chief's Association for their hospitality. We had a wonderful time speaking with all of the Chiefs about our e-Citation solution.

UPsafety would like to announce the winner of the "Guess the Garage" photo contest. Congratulations to Chief Frank V. DeAndrea, Jr., Hazleton Police Department! The garage in the photo is the Santa Monica Civic Center Parking Garage.

The new UPsafety Newsletter-Municipality Edition is now live! This quarter's features cover AOPC Approval, e-Commerce and mobile payments, and the Hidden Cost of Servers. Check out these excellent articles and feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have: at sales@upsafety.net

The UPsafety team wishes to thank all of the attendees at the 2014 FBINAA conference who visited our booth. We enjoyed meeting you and answering your questions about our parking and permitting and e-citation solution.
Ultra-rugged N4 Parking and Permitting Solution

The PCPA 2014 show in King of Prussia was a success. UPsafety thanks to all of the PA Chiefs who stopped by to talk to our team. The UPsafety parking and permitting and e-citation solutions stole the show. Even Mr. Franklin was impressed!
UPsafety Solution N4 UPsafety rugged android


United Public Safety Announces PA AOPC E-Citation Approval

HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA, July 9, 2014 – United Public Safety announced today that it has been approved by the Pennsylvania AOPC (Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts) to license software to Municipal and State Police Agencies for issuing PA Traffic e-Citations throughout the state. This system will have ability to save taxpayers millions of dollars each year by reducing costs and time associated with issuing and transcribing handwritten paper citations. Most importantly, the software will allow for a significantly shorter traffic stop thereby increasing both officer and civilian safety. This also allows the officer more time to respond to more critical situations throughout the municipality.

According to 2011 International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Division of State and Provincial Police (S&P) research entitled, “Preventing Traffic-Related Line-of-Duty Deaths,” law enforcement officers are four times more likely to be involved in a traffic collision than the average civilian motorist. In fact, 150 law enforcement officers were killed between the years 2000-2009, as a direct result of traffic-related incidents (60% of all officer deaths in that time period). Forty-two percent of those fatal traffic incidents involved officers being struck on the side of the road.

These statistics indicate a fundamental flaw within the current citation process. According to United Public Safety's CEO David Young, “We are excited to offer a means to make traffic stops safer by streamlining the entire process for municipal law enforcement.” United Public Safety is now issuing live PA Traffic e-Citations with the Horsham, PA Police Department.

United Public Safety is a Two Technologies Solutions Company headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania. United Public Safety provides parking solutions to municipalities, universities, hospitals, and private property owners throughout the United States. The company has state approvals for e-Citations and e-Ticketing issuance in NJ and PA. Currently, PA Traffic e-Citations in Pennsylvania State Police patrol cars are issued on 8 ½ X 11 inch paper. United Public Safety has submitted a 4-inch printed form to Criminal Procedural Rules Committee (CPRC) for approval so that officers on motorcycles or bicycles can also take advantage of e-citations. This decision is pending.

Police Security Expo

Fresh from our successful trip to the IPI 2014 show in Dallas, UPsafety thanks everyone who stopped by to talk to our team. The ultra-rugged N4 and the United Public Safety parking and permitting solution continues to draw crowds!
UPsafety Solution N4 UPsafety rugged android

UPsafety exhibited at the IACP show in Philadelphia this week. The new N4CER was a big hit with attendees, including Chiefs of Police from all over the globe, and a very curious Founding Father.
N4CER UPsafety rugged android UPsafety Parking Solution

Key Features Reduce Down Time and Improve Accuracy

HORSHAM, PENNSYLVANIA, October 2, 2013 – Extreme weather conditions and demanding environments no longer need to be limitations for data collection in the Public Safety sector. United Public Safety® announced the introduction of the N4CER today. The N4CER is the first in a series of ultra-rugged devices specifically designed for Public Safety; parking enforcement officers, police officers, fire marshals and building inspectors can finally issue tickets and citations, respond to, and send critical information efficiently in the harshest weather conditions.

Read the N4CER Press Release

N4CER Ultra Rugged Android device

UPsafety and Radnor PD

A number of changes are coming to the way that Radnor Township handles parking tickets.

Read the article now on Radnor Patch
Radnor and UPsafety

May 1,2013
By David Young, CEO of United Public Safety

The question is seldom asked anymore. Most people recognize that cloud based computing is the future of computing. What If you had to choose between the Internet and post office? It is a fair certainty that the post office will remain in place for a very long time into the future but few would argue that the post office is a better choice. The question may seem absurd but it has come to a point that they are equally relevant.

Servers are cheap and readily available. Both statements are true but take a deeper look. Real costs associated with servers are hidden.


Police Security Expo

National Parking Association Expo

We had a great time at the NPA Expo this year. We got to meet a lot of great people and show them our parking solution. What a great success! Check out just a few photos from the event.
UPsafety NPA expo
UPsafety parking solution
UPsafety NPA

Introducing PaperForTickets.com

Now you can purchase paper for your remote or integrated printer, styli, carrying cases and batteries directly from our new ticketing supply store. Just visit www.paperfortickets.com and start shopping!

parking officer-park(ing) day 2012

Philadelphia Park(ing) Day 2012

United Public Safety participated in the fifth annual Philadelphia Park(ing) Day, Friday, September 21st. This national day, started in San Francisco in 2005, is when activists, artists, architects, and other citizens transform metered parking spaces into temporary public parks. The event celebrates parks and other public spaces in cities across the country, and raises awareness of the need for more pedestrian-friendly spaces in our urban areas.

UPsafety jumped at the chance to sign up and turn a parking spot into a restful oasis among a bustling city. No one knows better than parking officers just how bustling (and stressful) the city can be, so they dedicated their pop-up park to local parking enforcement officers and called it, "Rita's Haven". (Only a few got the "Rita/Meter Maid/Beatles" reference.) With a few hay bales, mums, and cafe tables, the 8x18 parking space was turned into a retreat where passers-by could sit and have lunch, enjoy their coffee and a free donut, listen to live music, or just people watch. Among the participants were Philadelphia Parking Authority (who sponsored the event), Philadelphia City Planning Commission, and the Mayor's Office of Sustainability. Some of the designs were complex and artistic, while others were quite simple, using only what was on hand. Check out photos of the parks HERE

philadelphia park(ing) day 2012
Parking Day Philadelphia

A few visitors asked about our business model and why we felt the need to be a part of this pseudo "anti parking spot day". As most vehicle owners would agree, parking enforcement is a necessity, keeping shops and tourist attractions in business by allowing out-of-towners and local drivers to park easily. While they may not like the fines when they misread a sign or forget to feed the meter, and worry about corruption and fraudulent ticketing, they know that without enforcement, parking would be a total nightmare.

A few folks we met who don't own cars said they wish that all of these parking spots would just disappear. They want quieter streets, cleaner air and more bicycle-friendly areas. While more and more people are choosing to live "car free", let's face it...cars aren't going anywhere.

We believe the trick is to strike a balance. With better parking management, smart architecture, creative revenue recirculation, and a hand shake between parking professionals, city planners and environmentalists, we can help create a better city for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

For more about Park(ing) Day, visit http://parkingday.org/

A Fine Decision

"Affirming the truth of the facts" is what UPsafety is all about. Now that the PPA is forced to explain violations if they are taken to court, perhaps they should consider the ultimate in proof...a photo and GPS time/date stamped violation from UPsafety. Read the article here

Read it on Philly.com HERE

Every ticket tells a story in Saugus

He noted the town employs two parking enforcement officers who use hand-held citation devices that transmit a photo from the scene to Jackie Howard, the town parking clerk. “A lot of people still don’t know our officers take pictures.” Read the article here

New UPsafety Videos!

UPsafety brings you a variety of videos on parking enforcement on our video page.
Learn how to issue a ticket or electronically chalk a tire, click here!

3/14- One Million State Police Traffic Citations Issued Electronically

For the one millionth time, a Pennsylvania State Police trooper issued an "electronic" traffic citation, using computer technology that improves trooper safety and cuts in half the amount of time it used to take a trooper to issue a citation manually.

When does officer safety matter most?

Seven days a week. Twenty four hours a day. Check out 6abc.com Temple University police fault radio in clash with teen.

By Harald Raetzsch, as seen in the December 2012 issue of Parking Today-
While ASP came and went, the cloud has made its inroads into so many aspects of our lives that it will stay. Not only because the infrastructure needed for cloud computing is now widely available, but more important, cloud services are generally accepted and used by many of us.

Why the Cloud is becoming King...

Companies love to use the term “cloud” when hyping their internet-based services. But what do technology executives really think about the cloud? Read the article...Cloud services pick up steam, but IT execs still cautious (exclusive)

PHILADELPHIA, PA - November 20, 2011 - United Public Safety, also known as UPsafety®, was formed for the sole purpose of providing an efficient and affordable solution to issuing parking tickets, citations, and permits. The solution options include ToCite® Ticket and ForCite® Citation software and ToCite Cloud and ForCite Cloud as well as an American-made ruggedized mobile ticket writer with integrated printer and various other hardware options.

Download the UPsafety Press Release / Download press image

NJ CUPSA & IACLEA Conference
North & Mid Atlantic Regions
March 19, 2015
Atlantic City, NJ

PIE 2015
March 29 - April 1, 2015
Hyatt Regency O'Hare
Chicago, IL

New England Parking Council
April 15 - 17, 2015
Newport, RI

PA State Assoc. of Township Supervisors
April 19-21, 2015
Hershey Lodge
Hershey, PA

Police Security Expo
June 23-24, 2015
Atlantic City, NJ

Campus Safety National Forum
June 24-26, 2015
Washington, DC

2015 IPI Conference & Expo
June 29 - July 2, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

IACLEA 2015 Conference
June 29 - July 2, 2015
Nashville, TN

Fraternal Order of Police
62nd Conference and Expo
August 9-11, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA

IACP 2015
October 24-27, 2015
McCormick Place West
Chicago, IL

UPsafety is hosting a series of events aimed at bringing your municipality or university up to speed on our cloud based parking enforcement, permitting and e-citation software/ hardware solutions. Let us know you are interested and we'll keep you posted on events in your area!

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Why are we pushing so hard on using the cloud for your data services? Find out in this new whitepaper:

It is no coincidence that our federal government is turning to public data centers operated by companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google. The reason is simple and obvious; our government clearly understands that those companies know more about secure computing and storage than they do. READ MORE

Cloud Computing Offers a Public Safety Edge

The cloud is a safe, robust platform for first responders to rely on - written by Mark Cleverley


Cloud Migration:
The Time is Now

Read the article in FCW (Federal Computer Weekly)
or download the PDF here

By Diana Gowen, Sr. Vice President and General, Manager, CenturyLink Public Sector

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